Friday, February 3, 2017

audacious wouldn't read my cue file

Sometimes you can be so lost with a simple problem.
What I should have done right away is look at the arch install page of Audacious-plugins There you see as optional dependencie libcue. Seem to have missed that installing audacious. so
#pacman -S libcue
ended my misery.
Ouch, all is well that ends well but  a pity for the time I lost so much time with this. Still stupid, or getting more stupid??

Thursday, July 7, 2016

How to delete empty subfolders

Suppose you have a folder with a lot of empty subfolders; in fact you don't know in which folder is the content you are looking for.

One way  is to use a gui application baobab or qdirstat
But even then creating order in the chaos will be a tedious job.
Go in terminal to the main folder and do
$find . -type d -empty -delete

Extract image from pdf file without quality loss to jpgs

Move in terminal to folder which contains the pdf file.
$pdfimages -j file.pdf page
This will leave you with .jpgs  for the image files 
and .pbm for the text pages.

Convert wit imagemagick installed the pbm files:
$convert *.pbm *.jpg

pkgcaccheclean replaces cachelean

Make room with pkgcacheclean in Arch

All installed packages will be cached in /var/cache/pacman/pkg
If you look in this cache you will be surprised to find as much as four or five versions of the same program.
If you want to make room than it is useful to purge the cache of too many versions of the same program with pkgcacheclean:
Do as root: #pkgcacheclean -v 
to actually do it.
Usage: pkgcacheclean [options] [number]
The default number is 2. That means, for all installed packages, the currently used version and the newest of the remaining cache is retained. All caches of not-installed packages are removed.
Currently, supported options only includes -v/--verbose, -q/--quiet, -n/--dry-run, -k/--all-as-installed.
more info 

Thursday, June 16, 2016

how to connect to your tablet using mtp

This is clearly explained here.
First check this out: are following packages installed?
I had to install necessary packages need for file managers:
# pacman -S gvfs-mtp gvfs-gphoto2
Now start up your file manager with gvfs support for instance Thunar up to check if your Android device is mounted.

If you are not lucky, I will repeat what I have done to get it working;
Checked if my Asus memo tablet  was noticed:

Device 0 (VID=0b05 and PID=7773) is a Asus Fonepad 7 (FE375CXG).
and a lot of other lines. You also can use lsusb to check.

I choose to install jmtpfs via packer
$packer -S jmtpfs
Created a mtp folder in /home/paul/

In Openbox I created a new keybinding keybind key="W-m" in .config/openbox/rc.xml with this as command:
xterm -e "jmtpfs ~/mtp"
 So after creating that and restarting openbox with
$openbox --restart

I start up Thunar. I now see in /homepaul/mtp/ two folders  Internal Storage and SD Card and the files can be copied etc.

Monday, November 2, 2015

Set delay screen blanking

I use an old laptop with Archbang as mediaplayer and want relatively quick screen blanking.
$sleep 1; xset 3 180 180
will set this display power management signaling tool to 3 minutes.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Threesome , a nice variation of the Set Card game

I'm kind of addicted to the set card game. It is like most games a love/hate relationship. What boggles my mind is that most of the times you find a solution pretty easily and then you get stuck and are really at a loss.
This is a very simple version of it with 15 cards in stead of 12  en it is all made up of css and html code without any image files. Quite an achievement!!
It is very small and you can play it offline as long and as often as you want.
The game is hosted here and is 20 kb small.

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